NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe 100GPD 5-Stage System

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Product NameNU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe
BrandNU Aqua
Removes (% of contaminants)
Removes (% of contaminants)99%
Easy InstallationYES
Filter Lifespan12 Months
Adds Ionized mineralsNO
Guarantee5-Year industry-leading warranty
NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe High Capacity 100GPD 5-Stage System Is Available HERE


I love reverse osmosis systems and the NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe is definitely no exception to my affections.

This system is one of the most thorough filtration systems on the market. One purchaser even went to the extreme of sending away some before and after water from their house and the results that came back were very impressive in the purifying department!

With a steel 3.2 gallon tank for storing some already filtered water and providing up to 100 gallons per day, it’s built to last and can provide you plenty of water ‘on-tap’ right when you need it.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got the space for it in your cupboards as this one mounts under the counter, but it will be worth the effort of shifting a few things around when you taste the water.

This system even received the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge of honor! Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products that are available to ship immediately.

While we’re talking about the details of this fantastic system, here’s a summarised list of some of the pros and cons to think about.


  • 3.2 Gallon storage tank
  • 100 gallons per day filtration
  • 5-Stage water filtration
  • Space-saving design
  • Filter technology that produces water 50% cleaner than other systems
  • Easy installation including a step-by-step DVD
  • Steel tank
  • Complete reverse osmosis system with tank and installation hardware


  • Not portable – Fixed installation
  • Decent space required under counter (16.9 x 16.5 x 16.3 inches)

Features You’ll Value

High flow rate

This beauty can provide up to 100 gallons of purified water per day (gpd).

Seeing as how the recommended intake of water is, roughly, a little less than a gallon per day for us, I think being able to filter 100 gpd should be okay. It’s enough for the drinking, cooking, coffee and tea needs of a six-person household!

On top of the fact that it can do this, it has a 3.2 gallon, steel storage tank. So, filling up your water pitcher, or sports bottles is no problem at all.

In fact, it’s ready to go when you are!

99% Contaminant removal

Due to the 5-stage water filtration process and the power of reverse osmosis, you can enjoy your water with up to 99.99% contaminant removal.

That’s got to be worth the affordable price tag.

Reverse osmosis is an extremely thorough form of contaminant removal as it uses pressure to force the water through a semi-permeable membrane which leaves the sediment and impurities over here and purified water over there.

Easy installation – Comes with an instructional DVD

As easy to follow as your yoga DVD and just as good for your health.

NU Aqua claim that this system is an easy install and the reviews tell the stories of many happy customers that have successfully installed it themselves by watching the DVD.

It also comes with a step-by-step installation manual. So, whether you prefer the DVD or the manual, or a combination of both, this project can be completed in under an hour.

High-Tech Hydracoil Technology

The NU Aqua website says of this technology, “HydraCoil™ filters have up to 50 times the absorption rate of other filters and a substantially longer lifespan.”

Basically, this filter targets anything that shouldn’t be in your water.

If you live in an area with municipal additions such as Chlorine or Fluoride, you’ll be loving the fresh, clean taste of your newly purified water.

The biggest problem you’ll have is getting rid of your neighbors and friends that are wanting to drink your water!

Five advanced stages of filtration

Stage 1 there’s a 5-micron polypropylene filter that removes sand, silt, rust, and sediment (large particles).

Stage 2 is a 10-inch long HydraCoil™ Technology filter for the finer sludge. It absorbs organic contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and bad taste.

Stage 3 is all about removing the finer suspended organic contaminants by passing the water through a coconut carbon block..

Stage 4 is the ultimate purification process with the reverse osmosis membrane. This is the brawn behind the brains and removes even the smallest particles of chemicals and dissolved solids such as metal ions, salts, chloride, lead, fluoride, and a whole heap of other harmful contaminants.

Stage 5 is what’s known as, ‘water polishing’. This is an inline filter placed after the storage tank so that even if your water has been sitting in the 3.2-gallon tank all day, the water comes out of the tank and goes through this filter to remove any last trace of flavor or odor.

All-in-one solution

All you need to get set up and started is included in the package delivered to your door!

You shouldn’t need a professional plumber on this one. The tubes are color-coded and most of the fittings are the quick-connect type (they just push together).

If the easy-to-install system gets a bit tricky at any point, the team at NU Aqua offer (on top of the full 5-year warranty) lifetime tech support by phone or email.


What Consumers Say

This is from those who have purchased the NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe High Capacity 100GPD 5-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Ultimate Purifier Drinking Water Filter System:


  • Offered at a fair price. I’ve found the five filter system produces a very pure product.
  • This thing is great for saving money!
  • Nice unit. Delivered promptly are secure. And, offered at a fair price.
  • Exceeded my Expectations
  • Installation was simple.
  • The system came quickly and was fairly easy to install if you are a handy person.
  • Great quality product.
  • The customer service there was super. Got all my requests taken care of by the customer service [team].
  • I love this new RO system, I’ve never installed one of these before but luckily the DVD walked me through it step by step.
  • This makes all other water taste bad.


  • You need to be fairly handy to install it
  • Takes up an amount of space in your kitchen cupboards under your sink



The NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe has some of the best rave reviews I’ve seen for a reverse osmosis system.

I love this review, “This makes all other water taste bad.”

Says it all, really.

Here’s the thing that I haven’t mentioned yet, along with the 99% of contaminants that the NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe removes, it also includes viruses and bacteria!

And if you think that NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe High Capacity 100GPD 5-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Ultimate Purifier Drinking Water Filter System is too much of a mouthful, well, you’re probably right.

But it’s still a fantastic system and one of the best ways to get incredibly purified water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

If you don’t like the thought of sharing your water with a multitude of microscopic hitch-hikers, then it would be wise to investigate this one a little more as it may be just what you’re looking for.

Health issues, allergies, bad-tasting water, chlorine or fluoride added… Whatever your reasons for considering this reverse osmosis system, it certainly is impressive.


Product Name: NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe
Brand: NU Aqua
Rating: 4.7/5
Removes (% of contaminants): 99%
Faucet: Yes
Easy Installation: Yes
Filter Lifespan: 12 Months
Adds Ionized minerals: No
Guarantee: 5-Year industry-leading warranty


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