How To Remove Water Filter From Frigidaire Refrigerator?

How to remove water filter from Frigidaire

How to remove water filter from Frigidaire?

Like you keep your household clean the water filter does the job done in your refrigerator. Your Frigidaire water filter is the immune system of your refrigerator. It’s an indispensable tool that makes sure you have the cleanest water running around where you keep your food. The filter’s mission is simple: to remove the pesky pollutants from the water. However, to be able to do that effectively, it requires regular and thorough maintenance. For proper functioning it is recommended to change the water every 6 months or even earlier, in case you notice a difference in smell.

Do we really need water filters?

I’ve been drinking tap water for decades and I never had any problems, why do I need extra protection, you might ask. The thing is, your water is cleaned, regulated and suitable for drinking, but the quality standards are set to a bare minimum. And we doubt you’d usually settle for the bare minimum in any utility, so why would you settle when it comes to the water you drink every day. Water filters prevent you from getting in touch with all those microbes that tap water system let through.

When to replace the water filter from my Frigidaire?

The optimal period is 6 months. After that period filters become less effective and microbes can enter the system.

Where is my filter situated?

Most water filters can be found either at the base of the fridge (in the grille) or in the upper-right corner in the back of the refrigerator. Once you locate the filter, press the release button and filter will jump out of its box. Don’t be afraid to push a little harder if it doesn’t go out in your first try. One of the more popular models is the Frigidaire EPTWFU01 Water Filtration Filter.

What if I don’t replace my filter?

Water filters are there for a good purpose and they work effectively if maintained properly. By failing to replace them within 6 months, as the guideline suggests, you’re not just risking water filters becoming less effective, if they are dirty, they even start producing their own waste.

Ok, so how to actually replace a water filter?

All filters have pretty much the same replacement mechanisms, they sometimes differ in their location though. Let’s use PureSource Ultra Water Filer as an example. These filters are certified and they are able to remove up to 99% of pollutants in the water. Ok, let’s go to the technical part step by step:

Step 1: First push and then pull on the currently installed filter. It will jump out slightly, then simply remove it.

Step 2: Remove the protective caps on your new filter.

Step 3: Firstly slide the new filter into the socket, then push until you hear the lock sound.

Step 4: Run your water for about 3 minutes.

Step 5: That’s it!

My water started to smell funny. Now what?

Well, then it’s time to change the filter and make sure to thoroughly clean the whole system so you remove the potential cause of the problem.

  1. Turn off the ice maker. Usually, ice makers suck the water directly from the water supply and can result in leakage.
  2. Remove the water filter and replace it with the new one as discussed above.
  3. Now it’s time to clean the air. Use a glass of water and run it through the water dispenser. By that, you’ll be making sure the system works and see any potential leaks.
  4. Flush the whole system about 4 times.
  5. Restart the filter timer. Those timers turn on the light when it’s time to change the filter so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

The filter keeps kicking out when trying to install it properly. What should I do?

That is one of the most common problems people generally encounter while changing water filters. Inside the housing unit (the place where the filter is located in the fridge) at the very back of it, there are two metal clips that can be seen by looking into the unit with the filter removed.

If you push the Filter Release button, you can see the clips get pushed from behind, away from one another in a vertical direction. What you need to do is take a pair of needle-nose pliers, gently sandwich the clips between the pliers, push and hold the ‘Release’ button only about half-way in, and start to squeeze the pliers a bit to bend those clips inward as you continue to push the ‘Release’ button forward.

You may be able to just bend them without even using the release button, but this is the method that worked best for me. The idea is to bend just the ends of the clips inward toward one another, as that’s all that’s needed. After you let go, you should notice the clips are pushed inward closer together. If done properly, they should end up pretty close to one another. These clips are what keeps the filter locked into place. Now slide your new filter in, lock it into place, and enjoy clean water.

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Finishing Off About How to remove water filter from Frigidaire

here are the general steps for removing the water filter from a Frigidaire refrigerator:

  1. Locate the water filter. Depending on your specific Frigidaire refrigerator model, the filter may be located in the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator or inside the refrigerator compartment itself.
  2. Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator. You can do this by turning the shut-off valve located near the water supply line.
  3. Open the filter cover by pulling it straight out or pressing the button to release it (depending on your model).
  4. Turn the filter counterclockwise to release it. You may need to push in and turn the filter at the same time to release it.
  5. Pull the filter straight out.

Upon successful removal of the filter, you may opt to replace it with a new one, should the need arise. You can visit the Frigidaire store here. It is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the new filter.

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