Do Brita Filters Remove Lead?

Before you buy your Brita water pitcher, there’s several often asked questions, one of which is this one. So before choosing which size Brita pitcher you need, let’s dig a little deeper.

Brita filters are world leaders in water filters. But do Brita filters remove lead? In this article, we will show you how these filters work, and what substances they can remove from the water.

Brita Filters optimize piped water, saving you a lot of money at the end of the year by avoiding the purchase of bottled water. You can then use the piped water to prepare cold and hot dishes and all kinds of drinks.

As this filters optimize the water, the taste of your tea and coffee become even more intense, in its purity.

Another of the great advantages is that the use of the filters causes that the formation of limestone is retarded in the kitchen appliances that we usually use to heat water.

Brita filters reduce the hardness of carbonated water, better known as limestone. They are also responsible for reducing the concentration of chlorine in the water, which is used to purify piped water, but which ultimately brings about some health problems.Do Brita Filters Remove Lead

One of the great concerns of people is that water has metals, such as copper and lead. Hence the question: Do Brita filters remove lead?

These metals can be harmful to health, and so it is no longer just a matter of taste, to become a health issue.

Many pipes, in time, begin to release the metals of which they are composed. They are depositing in water in small amounts, but in the long run, they can be quite harmful to our body.

Do Brita Filters remove lead? Some Questions

Do Brita filters reduce lead?

Yes. Brita filters reduce the concentration of lead and copper that may be present in the piped water. These minerals deposit in the water because of your own domestic installations.

As we know, too much lead can lead to various health problems, hence the great importance of using these filters if you want to start using piped water to ingest.Brita Replacement Filters 2018

How is filtration done?

Filtration is by gravity. In practice, water passes through a cartridge (from top to bottom), and in cases of filters that are installed in the piped water, this processing takes place with the pressure of the water that pushes it through the cartridge.

After the water comes in contact with the ion exchange resin present in the cartridge, a reduction of the limestone that may be present in the water is obtained and removes other metals, such as copper and lead that may have been deposited in the water.

Activated carbon from the filters removes most of the substances that impair the taste of water, such as chlorine and its compounds.

Are Brita filters effective?

All filter materials that are used in the cartridges are regularly tested for quality and efficiency. The tests are done by independent entities, thus ensuring that they follow all the necessary standards and the reliability of these tests.

As you can see, Brita filters can be very efficient in purifying your piped water. As for the initial question “Do Brita filters remove lead?”, The answer is clear: yes. The water is as pure as if you drank it directly from the spring.
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