Best Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter

Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter

We’re going to look here at Whirlpool whole house water filter systems, but more specifically the different types of filters that go into these products.

More often than not consumers are divided about buying a genuine whirlpool whole house water filter replacement cartridge or a compatible one. From a cost point the non original is often cheaper to buy, but are they as good as the OEM version? If you’re not getting the life out of the cheaper one and need to replace it more often, then maybe it is a false economy in the long term.

Whirlpool whole house water filter

What we’re going to check out is the different products available, we’re going to give an overview of a selection of popular items that we have narrowed down to what we consider to be the most popular couple of items, where we see bang for your buck, a top quality product based on consumers reviews and when we see positive comments from Whirlpool whole house water filter replacement buyers, then we take notice.

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Whirlpool whole house water filter reviews

These aren’t huge, technical in-depth reviews, instead we have decided to break down into bite sized guides as to the capabilities and capacities of the products we are featuring. That being the case though, these are all genuine Whirlpool whole house water filter range products and there’s no items from other manufacturers mentioned.

Whirlpool 149008 2-Pack Standard Whole House Pleated Replacement Water Filters

The Whirlpool 149008 is as the name suggests a twin pack of filters, these are the pleated variety.

What you get are genuine products that reduces waterborne contaminants and also dirt, rust, silt, and sand

Installation is quick and easy, so anyone can do it.

Filters 15,000 gallons of fresh drinking water thus providing protection for up to 3 months.

With a broader range in temperature degrees (40 -145 degree Fahrenheit) it doesn’t matter if you’re drinking the water, having a shower or bath or washing the dishes you still get clean filtered water

Whirlpool Large Capacity Whole House Filtration Replacement Filter – WHKF-GD25BB

Reduces sand, soil, silt, sediment and rust from your water, can be used from well water source too.

Rigid construction and grooved surface area for extra sediment holding capacity, with a 6 month expected filter life, this is a single packaged high capacity Whirlpool whole house water filter replacement. Another popular product as the reviews indicate.

If you’ve got a whcf-gd25bb but unsure how to change the Whirlpool whole house water filter replacement cartridge please see the instructions below.

Filter Cartridge Replacement Instructions for WHCF-GD25BB, WHCF-WHPLBB, or WHCF-WHPCBB :

NOTE: Before changing cartridge, turn off water supply. Place a bucket under filter to catch the small amount of water that will run out after housing removal.

  1. Close shutoff valve at filter head.
  2. Relieve pressure in filter housing by pushing red vent button.
  3. Unscrew housing and remove old cartridge. Wash housing thoroughly with mild soap and water.
  1. Insert new cartridge and re-install housing. Be sure cartridge is seated in the housing before tightening onto head.
  1. Use filter wrench to fully seat the cartridge. Tighten to make a water tight seal.
  1. Open shutoff valve at filter head. If any leaks appear, tighten the housing as needed.
  1. Flush system for five (5) minutes

As mentioned previously this short piece is focused on genuine Whirlpool whole house water filters but don’t worry we have plenty other articles where we look at none genuine OEM products from other well respected manufacturers.

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