Express 10 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Express Water 10 Stage Alkaline Antioxidant Reverse Osmosis Home Drinking Water Filtration System Review

If you live in an area where you’re getting great, clean and healthy water, then having a water purifier seems like a waste of money, but its importance can’t be ignored. Water is a necessity, and every penny you invest in it is worth it. The growing market of Osmosis system is due to consumers becoming more aware of the water purifier market. A misconception is that most of these products are expensive, so we are going to find an affordable, yet effective solution.
The Express 10 Stage Reverse Osmosis is an economical option that still gets the job done. It compensates for all the lavishness with extra replacement filters. This is the highest recommended product on many e-commerce websites. Not to forget, it comes with a hard to beat price tag.
Following, we are going to see what makes Express Water reverse osmosis system for home an ideal pick.

6 Stage Quality Insurance

The Reverse Osmosis water filter system increases 20% of more oxygen. It provides the body with important minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This is a great source of antioxidants. All of this is achieved by the complex 6 stage procedure that explained below:
First Stage: The Sediment filter is melt blown with polypropylene microfibers. It gets rid of Dirt, rust, coarse sand and other unwanted containments in water. The high holding capacity extends the life of the filter and saves the trouble of changing them often.
Second Stage: The GAC filter, it’s made of coconut shell carbon. It removes unwanted containment from water including chlorine, harmful chemicals, etc. The advanced coconut shell carbon which comes with the micron rating of 5 (um), which nominally contributes to this.
Third Stage: Coconut Shell Carbon is used to make carbon blocks CTO, which is 100 percent pure in materials. It helps to purify the water. It removes organic chemicals, odor, bad taste and suspended particles.
Fourth Stage: The osmosis membrane gets rid of harmful content that includes both aesthetic and organic compounds. It helps to get rid of viruses, pesticide, and bacteria with dissolved solids that pose a threat to your health.
Fifth Stage: It mineralizes the water with PH+ with the help of mineral rocks. This balances the PH levels of your body. The micro cluster technology helps to improve your hydration and energy levels. It also removes the radicals and increases oxygen levels.
Sixth Stage: Polish filter (PCIQC) marks the final stage of osmosis system. Once again, it’s made of coconut shell yet it comes with an inline filter that improves the taste of water and makes sure that no harmful content is present in it.

Unrivaled Durability

The team at while reviewing each reverse osmosis system for home understand how you value your time, and therefore we provide suggestions for a system which is both easy to install and maintain. Everything is labeled and has color coordinated caps to match where each hose needs to be. The housings are label-matched with filter cartridge for an easy replacement process. To make sure you are provided with the best, each product goes through these tests:
• Water Pressure Test
• Air Leak Test
• Cycle Resistance Test

Quick Specs

• Remove 99% contaminants with cutting edge technology
• Made of Lead and Solid BPA Free Parts
• 6 Stage Alkaline filtration system
• Micro Cluster Technology
• PH+ Water
• Removes harmful radicals responsible for causing deadly ailments
• Provides Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium to the human body
• Increases Oxygen level and improves skin
• Gets rid of acidic wastes that can cause Chronic diseases

Customer Reviews

The reverse osmosis system is a strong seller by all means. There are no negative reviews or complaints about this product. The only thing customer disliked about this purifier is its long list of instructions, which can be a headache. This product is an ideal choice for someone who wants the latest RO system, but it is a bit tight on budget.
Express Water combines the features of expensive models and uses Real Reverse Osmosis Technology with high-end filters. These filters won’t need any replacement for years to come, and almost every buyer has praised this.
The product is praised for its affordable price tag while it carries all the latest functions. Express water uses an intriguing design which doesn’t waste much water. It makes one gallon of drinkable water out of two. The water quality remains excellent, proving the home reverse osmosis system ideal for households.
This purifier guarantees every component which is lead-free and made from Solid BPA free materials.
The product has scored 4.8 out of 5 stars on e-commerce sites based on numerous buyers. Express purifier has been praised for its easy to use interface and durability. Criticism is minimal. There were a few buyers who are less than satisfied with the long list of instructions in the manual and the complicated setup procedure.
It all sounds fair, but if you want a top shelf product, you need to embrace yourself for the long list of instructions that come with it. You will find the setup somewhat of a headache, but once you get beyond that, you won’t complain about the reverse osmosis systems again.
Therefore, going by what the buyers had to say, this purifier is worth your money and effort. It may be daunting, but in the end, it will be worth your breath.


This reverse osmosis system for home is a budget oriented purifier, the water volume, and small size is great. Honestly, it’s made to last a while, doesn’t need much maintenance and won’t cost you a fortune. The small size makes this a great addition to your kitchen; you don’t have to worry about where or how to fit it. It will easily blend there.
Every important instruction is provided, so you won’t have to be afraid about the setup, but we encourage you to seek professional help if you feel you need it. The counter option including New Wave Enviro 10 stage water filter system upstate the whole ordeal. But before you buy, you need to assess your household needs.
Apart from that, it’s a great buy. It’s almost maintenance free, doesn’t make you break your savings and lasts for years to come. For a 10 stage purifier under $300, this is the best buy.

Looking for an alternative, then maybe the APEC Top Tier Ultra could suit your needs. This product is built in America and you can read our impartial review here on the APEC Top Tier Ultra.

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