A Guide To Reverse Osmosis


For those still unsure about what is whole house ro system we covered this here

People’s main concerns are health related like how safe is your water and what does reverse osmosis remove, such as chlorine or flouride.

whole house reverse osmosis system


People often ask how reverse osmosis water filter systems work and what they do? We think that for the reader this wonderful ( if we say so ourselves ) infographic covers the main and most important points.

Be sure of which product you need, it may be a 5  stage piece of kit like the iSpring RCC7 or the APEC Ultimate RO-90 model.

How many gallons per day capacity do you need ? is 75gpd enough or maybe you prefer 90gpd?

Is your preference for a 6 stage filter, or possibly 7 stage? Would a 4 stage be sufficient for your family?


Reverse Osmosis Installation

As you can imagine, these bad boys aren’t always straight forward to install. If it was just unscrew a pipe connector, fit another and off you go, we’d all do it ourselves.
It’s probably best if you book a professional to come and do the reverse osmosis installation side for you.
Background-checked, Proven performers, Licensed (if applicable) and also Insured – what more could you ask for?
With a couple of clicks you can arrange a professional contractor to come and do the heavy work for you.

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