Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Purifier Filtration System with Kitchen Faucet

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Product NameEcosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Purifier Filtration System with Kitchen Faucet
Removes (% of contaminants)
Removes (% of contaminants)99%
Easy InstallationYes
Filter Lifespan6 Months
Adds Ionized mineralsNo
Guarantee2 Year Warranty
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There were a lot of pleasant surprises when unpacking the details of the Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter. Mostly, in that, there were so many good reviews about the taste of the water that it was providing through it’s simple, 3-stage setup.

As one of the more affordable filter systems on the market, there can always be that bit of a concern that the manufacturer has traded high-quality for low-cost. Thankfully, I haven’t found that to be the case in this instance.

BPA-free plastic; modern, chrome faucet; patented Ecomix filters; advanced coconut-base, activated carbon filters, they kind of threw in the whole kitchen sink, so there was no shortage of thought and quality invested into this system.

This is a great water filter setup for those looking to have a separate faucet in their kitchen that produces clear water at a high flow-rate and is environmentally conscious at the same time.


Features You’ll Value

Affordable water purification

This is one of the most effective of the affordable solutions to great-tasting water that I’ve come across.

The tankless design of this simple, yet efficient filtration system helps to keep costs down and preserves the purity of the water with less surface area for the water to gather bacteria. When water stays still for periods of time, it can cause the growth of certain bacteria and therefore this design is a healthier choice than many.

When the filters need to be replaced, you simply undo the canister and replace the internal filter, not the whole thing as is necessary with many systems. This keeps the costs down as well when it comes to buying new filters and they can be bought at a fraction of the cost.


Separate faucet for filtered water

I’ve noticed with many systems there is no third faucet for the kitchen sink. While this can seem like a good thing in that it doesn’t clutter up your sink, it also means that you are washing your dishes with purified water.

What that means is that you are unnecessarily sending water through your filters and decreasing their lifespan.

Besides, the stylish, chrome, modern, lead-free faucet definitely does not clutter up your sink. If anything, it adds to the representation of style and class.

I do like the idea of the separate faucet as it means you’re only filtering water when you need it. You wouldn’t buy bottled water to wash your dishes with, would you?


Simple installation beneath your sink

Installation is not difficult, however, if you need to drill a hole in the sink or countertop for the extra faucet, it may be wise to seek assistance.

That being said, if you’re the avid DIYer, then you’ve got no problems and you’ll make this happen in no time at all.

Everything you need for the completed installation of the Ecosoft 3-Stage Under Sink Water Purifier is provided to you in the kit.

If you’ve read any of the reviews, you’ll also find that the guys at Ecosoft have excellent customer service and are great at explaining what needs to go where and why. So, if you do end up feeling a little overwhelmed there’s no need to worry with help just a phone call away!

A high-quality 3-Stage filtering system

Dust, rust, and sediments larger than 5 microns don’t stand a chance with the first stage of the Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter. Not only does this stop the larger particles getting through to you, the drinker of fine water, but, in turn, it preserves the life of the next two filters as well!

For the second stage they’ve added their own patented Ecomix D37 filter technology which effectively reduces salinity, chlorine, chlorination by-products, lead, iron, manganese, and tannins.

The number three filter is the Activated Carbon Block filter. This is like polishing your car: it already looks good, you just want that extra wow factor going on. It removes any odors and residual flavors to make this the best better-than-bottled water you’ve tasted.

And that’s it!

All done in three easy and highly effective filters.


Easy to use

As long as you know how to turn on a faucet, you should be okay with this one.

But, I know, it’s not just about the daily use of filling your water bottles, or glass as you need a drink. This is also about the times you need to change the filters.

Not a worry there.

It comes with the only tool you’ll need and that’s the filter wrench. With a simple twist, the canister will be off and you can change out the filter inside ready for another 6 months of care-free, great-tasting, fresh water.

Ecosoft versus water bottles

Well, the environmental impact of installing a system like the Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter is substantial.

Essentially, for every 30 gallons of water that passes through this system, you’re saving the use of around 400 plastic water bottles!

That’s worth considering.

Especially when there are 60 million bottles going into landfill every single day.

The filters are made from 100% BPA free and European food-grade plastic. They’ve certainly thought through the environmental impact when creating this system.


What Consumers Say

It really shouldn’t be any surprise to read the mass amounts of positive reviews that the Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter has managed to bring. Here’s a handful of thoughts and opinions from those who have gone before you and actually installed one at their place.


  • The system itself is beautiful… works well and at a fraction of the price of others
  • Installation of this unit was relatively painless, especially since I was replacing another unit and the water diverter fitting was already in place.
  • Installation was a breeze with all the hardware provided with the kit.
  • I would definitely recommend this filter if you want great water with good pressure.
  • My municipal water supply has a heavy chlorine taste / odor. The filtered water tastes very good and there isn’t a hint of the chlorine taste left.
  • This is a 5-star product. First, it’s easy to set up, includes directions and YouTube video links to show you how to set up. The components inside the box are super nice. The sink piece that the waters out of are a nice heavy metal, not plastic.
  • This has made my water drinkable and will be saving us a lot of money on bottled water. I am happy with my purchase.
  • The install is very easy and all necessary parts are provided and dependent on your situation and skill levels it takes probably 30 to 60 mins.
  • The water coming out of this thing is pristine. Overall, the system was pretty easy to install and I’m only slightly handy.


  • This filter really does a great job of filtering the water in our kitchen. Sure it takes up a bit of space under the counter, but it’s getting cleansed in a very awesome way.
  • At 15.8 x 14.5 x 6 inches it is a decent size so needs a bit of room under your countertop.



The main words used to describe this system were words like flavor, Easy to install, value for money, Easy to use, Sturdiness.

All the beneficial minerals in the water are preserved and you get to enjoy not only the great taste of clean water, but the health benefits as well.

They’re not using the standard Coal Carbon Shell for their filter, they’ve adopted the advanced coconut-based activated carbon! While removing all the chlorine and other sediment particles that we’ve already talked about, all you get is the clean water and environmental satisfaction.

A convenient and much more affordable way to get clean, fresh water than continuously buying bottled water and throwing them into the waste landfill along with the other 60 million bottles per day that are heading there.

This is a great system with many benefits for those of us seeking an easy way to have fresh water every day, whenever we want it.



Product Name: Ecosoft 3-Stage Under Sink High Capacity Tankless Drinking Water Filtration System – with Kitchen Faucet
Brand: Ecosoft
Rating: 4.4
Removes (% of contaminants): 99.9%
Faucet: Yes
Easy Installation: Yes
Filter Lifespan: 6 Months
Adds Ionized minerals: No
Guarantee: 2 Year Warranty



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