NU Aqua Platinum Series 100GPD Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System

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Product NameNU Aqua Platinum Series 100GPD Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System – Premium Water Filter
BrandNU Aqua
Removes (% of contaminants)
Removes (% of contaminants)99%
Easy InstallationYES
Filter Lifespan12 Months
Adds Ionized mineralsNO
Guarantee5 Years
Improve your drinking water with a NU Aqua Platinum Series 100GPD Filtration System


Why We Love This 100 gpd System

The NU Aqua Platinum Series 100 GPD Reverse Osmosis system welcomes you to the world of truly pure water.

Up to 50% cleaner water!!!

The crew at NU Aqua were able to do that because they made the pores of their reverse osmosis membrane more permeable (porous, penetrable, absorbent, pick a word).

So what, you say?


Well, in doing that, they’ve created a filter that allows even the smallest of particulates to be efficiently removed from your water (no more contaminants).

With that working alongside the rest of the 5-stage system, it can manage a 99% rejection rate of thousand-plus impurities such as lead, fluoride, bacteria, arsenic, and chlorine.


Is this system right for you?


When you need to get everything out of your water, except the water, then the NU Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis system is for you.

Some people have medical conditions that dictate the quality of the water that they need to drink and some of us just like being able to have truly delicious, pure water on tap at home and do away with the plastic bottles.

Whatever your reasoning for doing your homework on a system like this, it’s going to be hard to find something that will put in the work that this one will.

Have a look with me at what I found out about this workhorse of a system.


Features You’ll Value

100 Gallons Per Day (GPD) flow rate

Thanks partly to the addition of the electric booster pump, the NU Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) system has water pressure to spare.

This is the perfect RO system if you have a well or just poor water pressure. Even if your water pressure is as low as 25 PSI, the booster pump will pick it up and send it out on the other side without an issue.

Pushing through up to 100 GPD is still no mean feat though when it has 5-stages of filtering to get through so the entire system has been well-designed for the most efficient flow-rate from end to end.

The booster pump also increases the efficiency of the overall system by allowing it to function as it was designed to and decreases the water rejection rate.

Quality assurance checks and U.S. brand

The NU Aqua Platinum Series RO system has had some pretty thorough development and has been put to the test in at the NU Aqua lab to make sure that we receive reliable, terrific tasting, fresh and healthy water when we need it.

The system has professional-grade quick connect fittings, and a beautiful lead-free modern faucet so that your countertop will still look awesome (the faucet comes standard with a double O-ring seal on the filter housings which provide an assured leak-free experience.

One of the main complaints I’ve noticed while looking at these systems is leaks and not many address the issue upfront. NU Aqua has certainly changed that by stating that they have rigorously tested the system for leaks, pressure, long-cycles, and water quality.


Easy installation including an instructional DVD

With its 5-stage filtration, this is quite a system.

Thankfully, Nu Aqua has managed to simplify it by adding the use of quick-connect fittings. These are a fantastic design with a simple push-in lock connection.

The clear-housing on the first filter makes it easy to see the contaminants being removed and can be an indicator for when it’s about time to change them. This filter is the sediment filter so it’s going to be doing the hard work when it comes to removal. It’s on the front line of clearing up your water and so it’s going to wear the most of the contaminants as well.

The tubing is all color-coded which is a smart way of simplifying everything and the whole thing is turned on its head with a complete step-by-step instructional DVD to guide the way if it all gets too much.


5-Stage filtering process

This is the brawn behind the brains.

Sediment removal starts the water’s journey in stage 1 with a 5 micron, high-capacity, spun polypropylene filter. This is for all the rust, dirt, sand, and silt.

Stage 2 is a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter for the deeper-seated particles such as sludge, rust, color, odor, pesticides, along with plenty of other organic pollutants.

The third stage is a coconut carbon block filter which will remove any remaining heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as any odor, or bad tastes.

Fourth on the hit list is the big one: The RO membrane. It’s a thin, semi-permeable membrane that the water is forced through. This is where the booster pump earns its wages and stops the water from slowing down too much as it passes through the tiny pores and removes any remaining dissolved solids such as salt.

The water is then sent to the storage tank ready for collection when you need it.

Number 5 is what happens when you turn on the tap, the purified water from the storage tank is sent through a carbon polishing filter and this granular activated coconut shell carbon filter that deals with any bad taste and odor.


Hydracoil technology for cleaner water

This filter technology allows for a higher absorption rate as the molecular structure of its pores become more permeable and will efficiently remove even the smallest particulates from your water.

If that all sounds too scientific for you, just know that it means your water can be up to 50% cleaner than that of comparable systems. Another win for the NU Aqua Platinum Series RO system.


3.2 Gallon storage tank

The beauty of a storage tank is in the fact that the water is ready to go.

Forget having your filter pitcher sitting around taking up space just so that you can have fresh-tasting water ready when you want it. Now you’ll have 3-4 gallons of it ready to go.

This is such a time-saver and helps in the overall efficiency of the system. When you first connect up the system, you’ll flush it through and fill up the tank giving you fresh, clean, great-tasting water at hand.

What Consumers Say

It’s always good to hear from some of the people that have purchased an item that you’re also looking at buying. That’s where reviews are a great way of finding out really what’s going on after you’ve hit the “buy now” button!


  • Wow! What a difference no more upset stomach
  • The motor is very quiet. This was the easiest install of an RO that we ever did – and have done a few of them!
  • A very nice machine, motor very silent and superb manual came with it for an easy installation.
  • I have looked around for a long time and this was the best value I could find and at a great quality…. Very happy with it…
  • Installation was easy, and the product is working fine. No leaks, and good flow rate.
  • Their installation instructions were much more detailed and the accompanying pictures were bright and clear so that you could see what they were illustrating. Our best experience with an RO experience.
  • Great product. Well packaged and easy to install and the booster pump is included.
  • I use it to make R.O. water for brewing beer and for drinking water at home. The system works great.


  • Despite many reviews suggesting the written instructions were poor, I found them easy to follow. I didn’t use the DVD instructions since I didn’t need them.
  • I recommend that you leave enough slack in all tubes so you can move the system out (from under the sink) when you replace filters.



When you need clean water. No, not just clean, pure water. Just water.

With the Hydracoil technology, reverse osmosis, 5-stage filtration, 100 gallons per day flow rate, easy installation, professional-quality fittings, and 5-year warranty, this system is dressed for success in the water purification realm.

I like things that are built well. You know, they look solid, feel solid, and they just work. This is one of them. I like the overall look, function, and design. I like the fact that it just works.

It’s what you would expect of a water purification system: Pure water. It really shouldn’t be that hard.

The NU Aqua Platinum Series 100GPD Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System is designed and built for people that depend on having pure water. That like quality and things that work the way they should, reliably.


 Product Name: NU Aqua Platinum Series 5 Stage 100GPD RO System with Booster Pump
Brand: NU Aqua
Rating:     4.4
Removes (% of contaminants): 99%
Faucet: Yes
Easy Installation: Yes
Filter Lifespan: 12 Months
Adds Ionized minerals: No
Guarantee: 5 Year

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