Woder Water Filter – Woder 10K vs. 10K-GenII

Woder 10K Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filtration System

You’re interested in buying a Woder Water Filter for the home? The Woder 10K is a water filtration system with ultra-high capacity, and is pretty much regarded as one of the best-selling water filtration systems all around. Granted, it will reduce the flow rate to a degree, as it’s not exactly dispensed from the laws of physics, but you can fully expect a minimal reduction. For sake of argument, let’s say you had a 12-cup pitcher to fill – without any filtration system, it would take anywhere from half a minute to 45 seconds, while with the Woder 10K you can do the same in about a minute. If that sounds like too much time to wait, then you must be a busy person, indeed.

Woder Water Filter

All jokes aside, though, the Woder 10K is definitely one quality product, a statement reinforced by the fact it is made in the good ole US of A. That said, the fact that something is made in the US is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, but the Woder 10K did pass rigorous quality tests in several independent laboratories and has been NSF-certified (if you’re not familiar with the NSF certificate, let’s just say it implies continual inspection and (re)testing on a regular basis. In other words, you can rest easy knowing that no matter when you buy your Woder 10K filter, you’re pretty much sure it will hold up to the industry standards, and even excel them.

This puppy is able to tackle any municipal water supply and remove a very high percentage of contaminants (up to 99.99 per cent) and all those annoying odors and taste, including chlorine, asbestos, mercury, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and trihalomethanes (THMs or TTHMs – total trihalomethanes).

Why We Like This Woder Water Filter

This puppy will fill up to 10,000 gallon’s worth of drinking cups (hence the name – 10K). In other words, it should last you a good long time – about three years, roughly speaking.

When the time comes to replace the filter (you’ll know it’s time to change it when the water pressure drops), you’ll see there’s nothing simpler – all you have to do is unscrew the old one off, and then screw on the new one, and you’re good to go. Run your cold-water faucet for a couple of minutes to let the filter activate. You might see black water coming out at first, but this is normal; if you don’t see it, don’t worry – it’s also normal (just make sure you leave it running for about three minutes).

The installation is also pretty straightforward – you get the filter itself, a couple of hoses (one inlet female 3/8 compression by 1/4 pipe thread, standard, and a matching male outlet hose), as well as the mounting bracket. Now, as opposed to its younger cousin, the 10K-GenII, which mounts vertically, the Woder 10K mounts horizontally, so take that into consideration when securing the bracket onto the sink wall.

You’ll want to disconnect the cold water supply hose from its valve (remember to shut off the valve first), and then attach the inlet hose (the one on the right, with respect to the lettering on the filter).

Next you’ll need to connect the outlet hose to the supply hose you’ve previously disconnected, mount the filter, and done! Now turn the cold water supply on, run cold water for about three minutes (or until the water is clear), and your job is done – you can enjoy three years of clean and crisp water without cluttering your fridge with plastic bottles.

Much like the rest of the Woder range of products, the 10K filtration system comes with their “You’ll love it” guarantee – in other words, if, for any reason, you decide you didn’t like the 10K, you would be able to return it, no questions asked, and get your refund in full. No doubt if you’re looking for a great water filter under sink and you’re reading this article, the choices are already narrowed down to either of these.

Woder 10K-GenII Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filtration System

Our second product here as part of our woder water filter reviews is the newer version.   The fact that the Woder 10K-GenII is made in the USA is one of its major selling points and, to be honest, pretty much a guarantee of quality. This is one of those rare products that actually exceed the industry standards, as it removes almost all of the water contaminants (up to 99.99 per cent).

This, of course, includes that pesky chlorine, but also lead and other heavy metals, as well as various volatile organic compounds, not to mention the bad taste and odor that comes with all that. In a nutshell, this is just a new and updated version of the original 10K filtration system (hence the name – GenII, as in Second Generation), which is itself one of the best undersink water filtration systems ever designed, and a top seller on Amazon (these things sort of tend to go hand in hand).

Of course, this would also mean that the GenII costs a pretty penny, almost twice as much ( depending on where you’re buying this water filter under sink product from ) as its older cousin, but rest assured you’ll taste (or rather, not taste) where each and every of those pennies went.

The full deal includes the filter itself, which is in turn connected to a head with a built-in valve, as well as a couple of hoses to connect it to your sink – the 3/8 female compression inlet hose with  1/4 standard pipe thread and a matching male compression outlet hose. The materials have been thoroughly tested at several independent labs, and NSF-certified (meaning they’re regularly and repeatedly inspected and re-tested, and completely safe for home use).

On a similar note, it should be mentioned that the Woder 10K-GenII system handles water temps ranging between 43 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (or 6 to 38ish Celsius, for those using the metric system). As far as the measurements go, the Woder Water Filter 10K-GenII runs about 3x3x15 inches, so you can fit it pretty much under any sink. On that note, the whole thing weighs just shy of 3 pounds, so you can also take it with you if you’re travelling to an area with tap water of, let’s say, “dubious” quality.

The 10K-GenII is extremely user-friendly, as it installs easily (pretty much anyone who’s ever held a wrench or ordered from IKEA will be able to do it in under 10 minutes), and the maintenance and filter replacement should also be a breeze.

Here’s a short guide to doing it for those of you, not in the know –

First, turn off the cold water supply to your faucet and disconnect the respective hose from its valve. The next thing you have to do is connect the filter’s inlet hose (the one on the left of the 10K-GenII) to that same valve, and then connect the outlet hose (the one on the right) to the faucet hose you’ve previously disconnected from the valve.

Make sure you tighten all of the connections (a quarter-turn with a wrench or pliers after a solid hand tightening should do the trick). All you have left to do now is vertically mount the filter itself on the bracket – you can do this whichever way you like, just make sure you’ve enough manoeuvring room for when you need to replace it.

Speaking of which, a single filter should be good for about three years, or, to be more specific, 10,000 gallons. When the time comes to replace it, simply unscrew the old one and screw on the new. Don’t worry about the flow rate, as the GenII won’t affect it in any significant level (although it will slow it down somewhat, it didn’t exactly get an exemption from the laws of physics to go with its NSF certificate). You can expect it to take about a minute to fill a 12-cup bowl or pitcher.


One final major selling point of the Woder 10K-GenII is Woder’s patented “You’ll love it” guarantee – what this implies is, basically, the standard money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like the filter for whatever reason, you’ll always be able to get a full refund.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, both Woder Water Filter filtration systems are high-grade and greatly excel the industry standards, have the same certificates, matching life expectancy and identical capacities – the only substantial difference being that the GenII packs a built-in valve in its smart head, which eliminates the need for guesswork about when to change the filters.
These products are often claimed to be the best undersink water filter, so have a lot to live upto to match that expectation and reputation. And, of course, there’s the small matter of price difference, with the list price of the GenII being almost a third higher than that of the original 10K, however, the additional cost is worth the difference, especially when you consider this will last for up to 10,000 gallons or roughly three years of use. You can also have a look at the best Countertop Reverse Osmosis water filters.

We have a more indepth review available www.osmowaterfilters.com/reverse-osmosis-systems/woder-10k-genii-ultra-high-capacity-direct-connect-water-filtration-system-review/

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