Watts RO System Comparison

Watts Premier RO 4 Stage vs WP Five-Stage RO System

We have heard good and a little not so good about Watts RO System products. So a test was in order, to compare 2 of their products. The brand is popular and has a good track record. 

Watts Premier Reverse Osmosis Overview

As we know, water goes through a semi-permeable membrane in an RO filtration system.
Water treatment systems are often used in tandem with water softeners to make the water from the tap a whole lot better. This is especially true when using hot water in the home. People use treated water for a lot of things. In the main, we use it at home for drinking, cleaning veggies, cooking, washing clothes and dishes. Aquariums and watering plants are among a host of other things. A reverse osmosis system at home ensures that you get great tasting clean water right off the tap. Of course, no one wants to purchase any random sort of RO system you can find out there. In our search for the best watts premier, we came up with three parameters. These are that we can use to check each system that comes our way. These parameters include the quality of the output water, first of all. Next the amount of good water it produces. Final one how much waste water the system expels.

The next thing to consider is how many stages do we need? Will a three stage syetm be enough or do we need to look at a five or even seven stage RO system?

Given those parameters, we can make a reasonable comparison. Choosing between the Watts Premier WP531411, 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System first. Compared this with Watts Premier WP500032 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System.

Main Points of Watts Premier 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

  • Watts Premier WP531411,
We find the design quite impressive by looking at the specs provided by the manufacturer. There are filters that deal with contaminants and other stuff you don’t want in your water before the water actually gets to the reverse osmosis filtration unit.
Other than that, there is also a post filter after the RO unit, which is actually a carbon filter.
After all this filtration business, we just had to taste the water from this water filter system – and the water tasted great.
  • Water Output
The Watts Premier RO-Pure 4-Stage Water Softener works much like any home water treatment system. It produces practically the same amount of good water and waste water as well. It’s pretty much spot on as any other RO unit producing around a 1:3 ratio of good water and waste water. In a nutshell, the Watts Premier RO-Pure 4-Stage Water System is
  • easy to install
  • has a four-stage filtration system
  • produces a relatively standard water output

Watts Premier WP500032 Five-Stage System  Main Points

  • Watts WP5 SV Premier Five Stage RO System ( WP500032 )
This Watts water filtration system uses a five-stage filtration system. According to its manufacturers, it can produce a continuous supply of water for the home. The unit comes with a storage tank just like any Watts water filter system you’ll find in the market.
The water is pretty good – good enough even for a hydroponic garden. We
basically have no complaints about the quality of the output from this unit.
  • Water Output
FIVE STAGE WATER FILTRATION: The 5SV Reverse Osmosis System consists of 5-Stages of filtration. Stage 1 – Sediment (104017), Stage 2 & 3 – Carbon Block (101009), Stage 4 – 50 GPD Membrane (560018), Stage 5 – Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Inline Filter (560010)
The amount of clean and drinkable water produced from this unit is impressive. The quantity is good enough for an entire household. However, we think that it has the capacity to produce more if it is put to the test. The only drawback we found about this superb treatment system was that it produced a bit more wastewater than what we expected. Other than that, we think it’s a great product. In short, the Watts WP5SV Premier 5-Stage Water System is
  • easy to install
  • has a five-stage filtration system
  • makes enough water for an entire household

Final Verdict – Watts Premier Reverse Osmosis Head To Head.

Both of these reverse osmosis systems are quality products.  Yet, our thoughts are that the Watts Premier RO 4-Stage is the better option, since it produces less wastewater.
Naturally, this test was between two products by the same manufacturer. There are dozens of other great makes & models available. This is where you need to take time to read impartial reviews. A great place to start that process is here.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on your Watts Premier Reverse Osmosis filters. Ready to order replacement ones? Check here and select the correct ones for your machine.

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