The best water – my method

Hey guy’s I’m going to let you into a little secret here that I know works, as I use it myself.
You may think you have the best water filter pitcher but you need good quality filters to get the best results.
This came about partly by accident and I’d like to suggest partly due to my incredible brain thinking, but in all honesty it was 95% by accident.


So we have in our refrigerator a large Brita 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser, which we use everyday.



We know these Brita products deliver great tasting drinking water as we have used these for years. Partly due to reducing the chlorine taste and odor and from filtering other things from the water too. There’s the indicator on the dispenser which shows when the filter is coming up for changing.


On the counter in the kitchen we also have a Brita 10 Cup Everyday filter pitcher.


Handy for keeping at the side of the sink this is great if there’s just one of us at home, you can take it into another room or outdoors onto the deck area. This Brita pitcher is used  daily too.


Now what happened on this particular day was the dispenser in the refrigerator when I went to get a glass of chilled water was almost empty. My usual way of refilling this was to grab a plastic jug and fill the water straight from the sink, carry the tap water to the fridge and fill the dispenser that way.



On the day in question though, the 2 jugs we have in the kitchen were both in the dishwasher which was just starting the cycle. My quick thinking I decided to use the contents of the Brita Pitcher which was full instead.


So that is what I did, I carried the pitcher across to the other side of the kitchen to the refrigerator, I then poured the already filtered water into the dispenser so it would get chance to chill. I refilled the pitcher at the sink again and left that to filter through as normal.

I had a couple of chores to do, made a quick phone call then went to the refrigerator and got myself a glass of the chilled water. To this day I still maintain it was the best water I had tasted, it was chilled but it was also double filtered.


So the secret we worked out was simply this. We buy the Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters, pack of 10 as and when we need them now. Previously we stuck to following the indicators on the products, so when it said to replace, we did it straight away.


What we do now though is to continue using the Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters, longer in the dispenser, because our thinking is that the water in there has already been filtered once through the pitcher, so taking out a lot of impurities already. This means the filtered water is being filtered a second time, which gives it that better taste.



Of course this isn’t a proven scientific method or reasoning, but it’s just how I found out and keep on doing it this way. Having the best water filter pitcher clearly helps improve your drinking water quality, but this little twist gets even better water in my opinion.