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Hiking & Camping Water Filter

Safe Potable Drinking Water The Hiking & Camping Water Filter Brief

Enjoy the great outdoors, safely. Enjoying the outdoor lifestyle, be it for the weekend or for a week it’s essential you keep yourself safe. Yes this may sound obvious, but it’s the hidden dangers you need to worry about. Sure you’ve checked to see if there are snakes in the area that can bite and poison you. You’ve also checked to ensure there’s no wild cats or Grizzly bears near to where you’ll be camping. These are dangers you can see, often from a distance. Safe water though isn’t something the naked eye can usually differentiate.

When you go out camping and hiking a source of potable water is essential. Not all streams or rivers can be trusted to provide potable water and as such potable water treatment systems have been devised for safe camping and hiking water supplies. Consider buying Katadyn products to take on your trip. Here’s what we have to say about Katadyn water filters for camping and hiking.

Katadyn: Hiker Water Filter – There are a few of us around the office who bought the original Pur Hiker Water Filter when it came out in 1994 and we’re still using the same model. A few of us even have the same filter, but filter performance depends largely upon water quality and consistent use of the pre filter attachment.

This Katadyn Hiker Water Filter uses a 129-square inch pleated fiberglass media filter that removes everything down to 0.3 microns.

This takes care of cysts, bacteria, protozoa and giardia.

The compact design and easy pump configuration made it the “best by a long shot” and tops in all rankings in a comprehensive review of all water systems by Backpacker Magazine. If you’ve seen our Survimate Filtered Water Bottle Review, you know how we look at these outdoor products in depth.

We have to agree. If you’re pumping water for a large group, consider the slightly-larger-but-more-efficient Katadyn Guide & 153 Water Filter.0.3 micron pleated fiberglass media microfilter with Anti Clog Technology

Universal water bottle adapter Prefilter Carry bag Height: 6.5 in. Weight: 11 oz.

Katadyn: Guide Water Filter – While the Katadyn Guide Water Filter is three ounces heavier and three inches taller than the award-winning Katadyn Hiker it pumps water faster–twelve strokes faster per liter–than the smaller microfilter, which means you and your group enjoy more filtered water with less effort.

Inside the Katadyn Guide Water Filter is a 143-square inch pleated glass fiber media filter that removes everything down to 0.3 microns, which takes care of cysts, bacteria, protozoa, and giardia. Keep in mind that the lifetime cartridge filter capacity of Katadyn Guide Water Filters depends on the quality of your water source.

Although this model is no longer available, we still use ours. The replacement filters are available still and with the 0.3 micron pleated glass fiber media microfilter with Anti Clog Technology Low maintenance design and no cleaning required.

Katadyn Guide Water Filter contents …Universal water bottle adapter Pre filter Carry bag Height: 9.5 in. Weight: 14 oz.

Iodine treatment of water while camping or hiking, also something you should carry with you.

Potable Aqua: Water Purification Tablets – Potable Aqua products are used worldwide by outdoor enthusiasts, militaries and rescue organizations.

Potable Aqua Drinking Water tablets are intended for emergency purification of drinking water.

Iodine-based water germicidal tablets Effective against Giardia lamblia Treats up to 50 quarts of water

In just over half an hour, you transform contaminated water from being unsafe to being bacteriologically suitable to drink. This 35 minutes wait is well worth taking the time to ensure you’re drinking good water.

We always take this twin pack with us. One Bottle of 50 Potable Aqua Germicidal Water Purification Tablets which comes with a Bottle of 50 PA Plus.




Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter Review


Go Swiss On Your Next Outdoor Trip! Stay Safe With The Katadyn Pocket Microfilter

This Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter review could be the most important thing you read before you go on vacation! If you’re going camping in the backcountry or traveling abroad, making sure your drinking water is clean should be a huge priority.

It’s too easy to get sick from drinking contaminated water, and being ill far away from home won’t only ruin your vacation, but can endanger your life as well. The Katadyn Pocket Microfilter will ensure that your drinking water is safe, considerably lowering the risk of illness and making travel a whole lot safer.

Katadyn Portable Water Microfilter


The round pump handle doesn’t get in the way when packing this and it’s user friendly for easy pumping.


Katadyn Portable Water Microfilter

For such a powerful, durable water filter, the Katadyn Microfilter is surprisingly lightweight. At just under 20 ounces, it’s less than a quarter of the weight of a light sleeping bag, and at only 10 inches long and about two and a half inches across, its small enough to fit in your backpack.

Unlike a lot of heavy-duty equipment, the pump is easy to use even for travel-weary hands, and the flow means that you don’t have to wait forever to get enough clean water to use.

One of the best features of the Katadyn pocket water microfilter is its special silver-impregnated ceramic filter — instead of becoming useless after a few quarts pass through it, the Katadyn filter can be cleaned and reused a number of times, even in the field!

More importantly, it effectively filters out most microorganisms, including all of the major harmful ones. It means you won’t end up sick in the middle of your trip, and you won’t have to carry extra filters with you.

Cool Stuff About the Katadyn Portable Microfilter

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Good flow

Uncool Stuff You Need To Know Anyway

  • Cushion Makes it Harder. A cushioned base that’s supposed to make pumping easier sometimes makes it harder to pump on a smooth, level surface.
  • Not So Snug Fit. Outlet hose end doesn’t fit snugly onto every kind of water bottle (not so bad, just means you might need an extra pair of hands).

 Katadyn Pocket Water Softener Owner’s Feedback

Bottom line? The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter is a great, hard-wearing filter to take with you in the most extreme conditions. It’s possible that it might be overkill on your average local camping trip, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s got a 20 year warranty, so it’s a great investment for every camping trip and overseas vacation you’ll take for quite a while. As far as a better model goes, you probably won’t find one for the price or at the size; Swiss design is really the best, especially when it comes to survival gear.

Katadyn Water Microfilter Review – Final Verdict

If you’re going to be traveling somewhere that you’re not sure you’ll be able to find truly clean water, you should take a water filter with you to make sure you don’t get sick. The Katadyn Microfilter is honestly the best on the market, used by extreme adventurers and the U.S army alike to keep them alive and well in the field. Hopefully, this Katadyn Water Microfilter review will save you from contracting something awful from drinking contaminated water. Happy camping!