Best RV Water Filter

Why You Need To Choose The Best RV Water Filter.

Imagine being taken ill while on your trip. In a hotel or motel on the outskirts of a town, it’s not too difficult to get to a hospital. Imagine instead being in the wilderness in your RV. We’ve already looked at why carrying a Personal Water Filter Is Essential On The Trail, when hiking. But here we look at when you’re on vacation. Choose a reliable brand, you want something that is up to the task.

Having a water filter for RV on your boat or in your caravan is among the essential tips for campers and vacationers. Whether on your boat or recreational vehicle (RV), a portable water filter ensures clean water to drink on the road and every time you stop at new locations. Oftentimes water along at your road trip or at an RV Park can have a weird taste or contaminated with arsenic or other heavy other metals. Filtering your own water inside the recreational vehicle or a boat is a better alternative to bottled water, which has been proven to be not better than tap water. Plus, you have enough supplies and clothing already, so space might be a premium. This means carrying gallons of water isn’t that easy.


I have a Camco 40043 TastePURE filter for my RV. One of the best features for me is the filter life. Large capacity in line water filter lasts me approximately an average of 3 months. Now my buddy loves a different brand. The AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Filter with Hose Protector. He says it helps remove Flouride too, which he also wanted.


Episodes of water contamination at RV parks

This is nothing new, although it’s improving it’s still happening. In 2020 and coming years, water at an RV park may look clear and seem safe to drink. But is it? We know the importance of water filtration. If not, then you must read this article ASAP.

However, a while ago, one person described water at an RV park in Fort Meyers Beach “. . . the water looked clear. But it did have a musky smell – like a basement that had been closed up for a while.”
In 2010, in a report by The Desert Sun, well water at several mobile home and RV parks in Riverside County, California, tested positive for dangerous levels of arsenic ranging from 12 to 91 parts per billion in their groundwater.

Other benefits of a water filter for RV

  • RV water filters provide clean, drinkable water while the user is traveling in an RV or boat.
  • An RV water filter for housing help in removing chlorine and other harmful substances in your water.
  • No need to deal with a new sets of drinking water problems every time the RV or boat hooks up at a new location.
  • A portable water filter system in your recreational vehicle or boat guarantees the best quality water no matter what the location, and eliminates the bother and cost of carrying around bottled water.

Some popular brands and types of water filter for RV

Brands: Camco, B.E.S.T, Culligan, Waterdrop and Aqua Quest are the popular ones.
Types: In-line filter, Sediment only cartridge, Standard Size canister system, Jumbo size system.


Reviews for Water filter for RV

There is possibly no shopping site where people don’t read reviews. No bias but honest opinions about customer experiences on the use of a specific boat or RV water filter brands. Manufacturers of these products often read these consumers’ reviews to help them improve their products.  Those who prefer to order via the web, read customer reviews of RV or boat water filters. In fact, you not only get good tips, you get bigger deals. As one reviewer said: “After waiting 20 minutes on hold with the manufacturer to re-order filters, I came online and found a great deal.”


Where to Buy a Portable Water Filter for RV

So, if you find the recent news of e-coli in some bottled water brands scary. Don’t have space for loads of bottles. Then why should you rely on any brand of bottled water during your most important camping and vacation? Make a comparison of different brands and types, and buy a water filter for RV size that meets your needs. Oh and fits your budget too.

Order online, get these delivered to you quickly and effortlessly. You’ll hopefully go with the Camco or AquaQuest brands we personally use. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this advice.
Don’t forget there are other great products out there, so even if you don’t like the ones we use you have alternate options. Irrespective, enjoy clean water when you are out in your RV.

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