Benefits Of Drinking Water For Skin & Health Reasons.

benefits of drinking water for skin

Health benefit of water

The health benefit of water is logical when you take into account that 70% of our bodies are made of water. After 4 million years of evolution, you have to give credit for our body’s amazing ability to prevent/treat/cure illness. But your body can only optimize its functioning when you give it the proper tools including quantity and quality of water horizonlabs. The health benefit of water includes your body’s natural ability to utilize it to the fullest to allow your body to perform at it’s best.

Benefits Of Drinking Water For Skin

Your skin keeps a youthful, fresh appearance if you maintain a regular intake of water. Smooth skin, bright eyes all from drinking water? Yes, this works for some people. Beyonce and other celebs are on record as suggesting a gallon of water a day, is part of the secret to their youthful appearance. Will this work for you? Hey, who knows. I doubt at 60 drinking water is going to make you look 30 again. Though I’d suggest that at 60, you’d rather not look 90?



Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

People say that waking up and drinking water in the morning helps them feel fresh. It’s great to feel less lethargic, to begin the day. Even a liter of water is a positive start.

The health benefit of water includes the prevention and curing of:


  • Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Ulcers
  • Asthma
  • Morning sickness
  • Fatigue

Studies by medical experts have proved many sensations of pain and discomfort we experience are the result of moderate or acute dehydration. The long-term benefits of drinking water far outweigh the “quick fixes” such as antibiotics and pain killers. The following are some of these ailments and how dehydration plays a role:

Headaches – Two cups of water and a 20 minute break will overcome the most common headaches. When dehydrates, our brain rations our body’s water supply by producing histamines‚ causing pain and fatigue. This natural signal is meant to slow us down and conserve water. When we mask this signal with aspirin and analgesic medicines, we lose the warning and allow dehydration to continue.

Back pain – Back pain can be attributed to dehydration. The discs in our back are made up of an outer shell filled with fluid. Properly hydrated, the fluid portion is a shock absorbed that supports 75% of the load. However, when the body becomes dehydrated, the shell has the support more of the load causing pain and stiffness. Adequate intake of water and regular movement is often the solution. The health benefit of water are healthy spinal discs and freedom from back pain.

Hypertension – Water helps regulate blood pressure and maintain blood flow. Dehydration causes lowered blow volume resulting in the body closing off less active capillary beds in order to maintain proper blood flow to more vital areas. This causes a rise in tension inside the muscle mass.

Asthma and allergies – Dehydration causes excessive levels of histamines in lung tissue causing the bronchial passages to close and mucus to build up. Water is continually replaced to keep lung tissue moist and we continue to exhale moisture. During dehydration, the body builds up mucus in the lungs to prevent drying. Animals studies have proven water intake will reduce histamine levels and mucus build-up. The health benefit of water are opened bronchial passages and restored normal breathing.

Morning sickness – The body prioritizes the fetus above all other needs, and water sources are diverted to maintain its protective water environment. During the night, the longest period without water intake‚ the fetus and uterus draw from the mothers’ system to maintain internal fluid levels. The dehydrated mother awakens in a state of dehydration‚ nausea‚ and fatigue‚ hence the term “morning sickness.”

Hangover – Alcohol is a very strong diuretic and causes the body to excrete water‚ often leading to advanced dehydration.

This results in the common effects of a hangover. To prevent this, just drink plenty of water throughout the night and morning.

benefits of drinking water in the morning

The health benefit of water in adequate quantities ranges far and wide. You have nothing to lose by picking up a glass and taking a nice long sip. However, the quality of water is of equal consequence to your health. Don’t forget to read our fun facts article too, which can be found here.