Scottsdale Reverse Osmosis Water

Scottsdale Needs Reverse Osmosis Water

Every responsible homeowner in Scottsdale, Arizona is concerned about the quality of their drinking water. It’s time to consider the Scottsdale Reverse Osmosis options. You cant go a week without hearing about water contamination somewhere. Your water utility company does the best they can to provide you with clean water, but technological limitations prevent it from being done. To prevent from getting bad water many of you either stop at the store and pick up bottles of water or have a home delivery made.

We’ve got a solution that will give your Scottsdale family the best water available at an affordable price. It is a whole house reverse osmosis water system. Scottsdale Reverse Osmosis is the answer!

Is Scottsdale Bottled Water the Best?

Having bottled water in your Scottsdale home is unfortunately inconvenient. It can be very pricey for delivered water and it may run out before the delivery man comes again. Simply put, bottled water is not the answer. On average bottled water costs hundreds times the cost of tap water. Plus, there may be a carcinogen call BPA (Bisphenol-A) in the plastic of the bottle that can illness to your family members. One other problem with plastic bottles is that a great majority of them in up in landfills causing environmental concerns.

What is the Solution to Provided Safe Drinking Water in My Scottsdale Home?

The solution is simple. It is a reverse osmosis water system. We strongly recommend installing a high-quality reverse osmosis water system as it provides clean, refreshing water at an extremely affordable price. Modern RO systems are designed for optimal efficiency and when combined with supporting pre-filtration technology, will provide your Scottsdale home with clean and pure water that is free of most chemicals, bugs, parasites, pathogens and dangerous metals.

Here is something to think about. When you go and buy that bottle of water for $3.50 at the store, you are buying water that has probably gone through a reverse osmosis water system. You can get that same great water in your Scottsdale home at a fraction of the cost. This is why Scottsdale Reverse Osmosis is the way to go.

Which Reverse Osmosis Water System Should I Get For My Scottsdale Home?

It is highly recommended that you purchase an RO system that has been thoroughly tested and validated by a third party. This type of validation ensures that your new reverse osmosis water system has high-quality components and properly removes contaminants from your homes water. If the reverse osmosis system is either WQA Gold Seal Certified or has been endorsed by the National Sanitation Foundation, you are assured of a good system.

APEC Roes-PH75 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System
APEC Roes-PH75 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

You also need to be sure of the company that is providing the RO system for your Scottsdale home. Reverse Osmosis water systems are machines and they may malfunction. Here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • Look for a company that has been installing reverse osmosis systems in Scottsdale for at least 5 years.
  • Are the reverse osmosis installers certified by the Water Quality Association?
  • Does the company have a valid water treatment contracting license?
  • See how their insurance company handles leaks should one occur.
  • Does this company provide 24 hour service 356 days a year?
  • Does the company know to install a faucet with an air gap? This is required by law.

Paying attention to these points will help you select a company that will provide you with an appropriate RO system. Once you find someone who meets all of these standards and has a staff that is experienced at the installation of the appropriate reverse osmosis water system, then you can buy with confidence for your Scottsdale home.

What Will it Cost to Install a Reverse Osmosis System in My Scottsdale Home?

Many home improvement stores throughout Scottsdale offer reverse osmosis water systems, but it’s often cheaper to order online. A top quality certified 5 stage residential RO system can be had for what you may well be already paying for your bottle water. You check the prices and do the math.

If you are considering installing a reverse osmosis water system in your Scottsdale home, please let a professional do the installation. A professional RO system installer is skilled at making a proper installation. They will also take into consideration the amount of water that you require so that your new reverse osmosis system can produce that appropriate amount of clean and refreshing water for your home. Book your professional installation here.

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