Reverse Osmosis Water Softener Advantages

Reverse Osmosis Water Softener Better Water

Seeing how water plays a significant part in our daily lives, from drinking, cooking and washing foods, it becomes a significant concern for most to have the best-sanitized water they can get. While water softeners are a popular tool for doing so, it is not quite enough to get sufficiently clean water. Impurities can indeed persist even after water softening. But thankfully, the process of reverse osmosis can take care of that. Making use of it after using a water softener can wipe out the impurities and even 98% of the sodium remaining after water softening.

But it doesn’t end there. Here’s what makes the reverse osmosis water softener combo such a great concept.

How Are Reverse Osmosis and Water Softening Different?

The key distinction between reverse osmosis and water softening is the fact that reverse osmosis filters the water while a water softener will condition it. Conditioning the water means ionizing the Calcium and Magnesium ions into either salt or Sodium ions. Without this process, water can cause faded clothes after washing, water spots on silverware and glasses, scales in pipes and even dry skin. All of that because of the high Magnesium levels. But here’s how a water softener can help you.

  • Softens the hair and the skin
  • Makes sure your appliances last longer
  • Pipes become less clogged
  • Spotless dishes
  • More vibrant clothes
  • Batter tasting water

On the other hand, reverse osmosis (or RO for short), as we’ve mentioned, filters the water. It all happens through a filter that rids the water from minerals and contaminants. That’s a long list that can include things like sulfates, nitrates, pesticides, lead, salt, detergents, chlorine, and fluoride. You can execute this concept on a large scale through a Whole-house reverse osmosis system. What that means is that you’ll be having all of the water that’s used around your home filtered with RO. That means household appliances, your shower, and your sinks. Reverse osmosis can bring about a whole bunch of benefits to your daily water usage. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Gets rid of color and odor: Any impurity that keeps your water from being crystal clear and odorless will be taken care of.
  • Gets rid of Sodium: Any hard water, sodium-related problem will be gone with reverse osmosis.
  • Chemical-free water: There are no chemicals used in reverse osmosis. It’s entirely safe for you and the environment.
  • Batter taste: Any funny taste that plagues unclean water is removed through reverse osmosis

Softeners Help Reverse Osmosis

While reverse osmosis is just great on its own, it can somewhat be diminished because of its fragile membranes. Even though reverse osmosis comes with a sediment filter, it’s still too difficult of a task for RO to get rid of the magnesium and calcium in the water. But that’s where the water softener comes into play. Using both an RO system and the water softener, you get a combination that makes for excellent results. The softener takes care of the hardness of the water which will prevent the reverse osmosis from being compromised by protecting the membrane.

Great Water

For a lot of people, installing a water softening system is not enough. Some choose to go the extra mile and install a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen’s sink. You see, that kind of system can add improvements to the tap of the kitchen and even the lines that lead to the refrigerator. Basically, installing a reverse osmosis system can bring even more benefits on top of those delivered by the water softener as it results in even purer drinking water.

In the past, the technology of reverse osmosis was used to desalinate seawater. But it’s been adopted in many small households through compact kitchen RO units that deliver drinking water of the best kind.

But if you want to go all the way through, you’ll want a combination of both an RO unit and a water softening system. On one hand, the water softener is made to provide soft water for the entire household after ridding the water of minerals that make it hard. But on the other hand, the RO unit delivers topnotch drinking water to the house by purifying the water from impurities such as pesticides, cadmium, sulfates, hydrocarbons and so on.

Saving Money

You might say that you’ve been drinking regular water all your life and don’t find the difference so appealing to go and buy a system for yourself. If for some reason you’re still not convinced, this point will make you think twice. Why? Because it can save you money.  A water softener, for example, reduces energy costs and decreases the need for detergent/shampoo/soap needs. Before you even know it, you made back the money you spent on it. In addition to that, RO systems guarantee the same. An RO unit can cut away the costs you used to dedicate to bottled water. It also eliminates for many users the desire to purchase sugaring beverages as you start using it.

So as you can see, both, or even just one of these systems can help you save up a considerable amount of money from your usual budget. Not to mention the great water they deliver.

What to Keep in Mind Before Using an RO System

Now, buying a reverse osmosis system isn’t a simple process, and it can’t be done without evaluating your situation. If you already own a water softening system, you’ll have to buy the RO system that will not collide with the water softener when they are both active. The water softener mustn’t be compromised and neither must the reverse osmosis.

Another thing to keep in mind is the warranty along with the specifications that come with it. You would want t know precisely what’s covered by the warranty before purchasing.

Also, you don’t want to get an annoyingly noisy RO system so be careful with that. And make sure you have a good enough knowledge about the maintenance of such a machine.

Why Should You Buy Both?

A water softener does a great job, but a reverse osmosis system along with it can make things way better. An RO system can deliver the purest water that you can possibly drink. The impurities that come with the ordinary tap water are all gone thanks to the technology of reverse osmosis. Basically, if you get the reverse osmosis water softener combination, you’ll get the purest, best-tasting water that you can deliver for yourself and your family.


It really shouldn’t take much thinking. Not only does the reverse osmosis water softener combo provide you with clean water for daily water usages like cleaning and cooking, but it also delivers the healthiest and purest water with which you can provide your body. On top of all of that, they’re of course great financial investments. So what are you waiting for exactly?

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