Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting

Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting Suggestions

A reverse osmosis system is the most commonly used water purification method used at homes. Water filtration systems are continuously used, and require proper cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals. However, sometimes even with proper maintenance routines, certain problems can arise with these systems. Many a times these problems can be resolved easily, without the need of a plumbing engineer or specialist filter technician, by following certain troubleshooting techniques. However, appropriate knowledge of the troubleshooting tips and tricks is necessary in order to properly resolve the issue without damaging the filter itself.

Some of the common problems that can erupt with a Reverse Osmosis system and their possible solutions are discussed below:

Low water level
Lack of water coming out of the filtration unit is the most common problem associated with the RO systems. This can be caused due to the disturbance of tank pressure which should be around 5-7 psi when empty. Low water supply or clogged pre-filters can also prevent the water from moving forth into the filtration system which causes lack of water.
Similarly, damaged RO membrane or congested post filter can also lock up the water inside the filtration unit and no water come out of it.

Milky water
Milky water coming out of the filtration unit indicates presence of air in the system and mostly occurs when you use your Reverse Osmosis system for the first time. Also, this condition can occur right after changing filters or membranes. Just run water through the filter system and let the storage tank drain out completely before using it for drinking water.

Air gap issues
Sometimes, while draining out the water, an overflow can occur at the air gap faucet which is majorly because of the clogged air gap or drainage line and a thorough cleaning session can optimally resolve the issue.
Sometimes the rate flow restrictor doesn’t function properly and water tends to drain out at a very high rate which causes the overflow. Replacing the rate flow restrictor will resolve the issue.

Defective or old RO system
A defected Reverse Osmosis system most likely causes a bad taste and odor in water and in such case, the RO system must be replaced immediately. Prolonged usage of the RO system without the proper maintenance can also cause bad water taste. In-order to resolve the issue, clean the unit properly and if required replace the filters and membranes can as well.

Noisy functioning
Noise during the water drainage process and air gap faucet can be due to loosely fit drain pipe connection. Excessive air in the system can also cause noise near the air gap faucet which should gradually go away in 2-3 weeks of usage.

Issues in the quality of water

If you see some quality issues in the purified water or water that you obtain from the system, then it should also be fixed quickly. Sometimes, you may feel that the water tastes bad or a little different as it was before or has some sort of odor in it. Then it could be an indication of a worn out membrane or cartridges that is responsible for filtration. If these components are not working properly, then it could affect the quality of water and hence need to be replaced or clean out.Reverse osmosis troubleshooting guide

Reverse Osmosis systems are simply designed, proficient water filtration systems and normal wear and tear are a part of all mechanical machines. By following proper instructions and user’s manual of your RO system, you can easily fix minor issues while at home with proper cleaning routine a call to the technician might never happen in the lifetime of your RO system. However, while fixing any such mechanical systems, you should be extra careful to not damage any other part of the filtration system.

Fixing an RO system on your own can be a little bit tricky, but still you should be able to manage some common issues by yourself. Because, it is not possible for you to arrange a professional assistance whenever you face a more serious problem or fault. And you will have to check for it yourself. Most of the issues that arise time to time are manageable , and if you know some basic tips you can surely DIY.

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