Hydro-Logic 31040 200-GPD Stealth-RO200 Reverse Osmosis Filter Review

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Product NameHydro-Logic 31040 200-GPD Stealth-RO200 Reverse Osmosis Filter
Removes (% of contaminants)
Removes (% of contaminants)98%
Easy InstallationYes
Filter Lifespan12 Months
Adds Ionized mineralsYes
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The Hydro-Logic 31040 Reverse Osmosis Filter is built to be fast and efficient to run and wastes nearly 25% less than alternative options in the market.

By using the Hydro-Logic 31040 it is possible to eliminate repeat trips to the local store for bottled water. This RO filtration system has the ability to produce up to 200 gallons of water per day, while making sure to remove 98% of the contaminants and chlorine in the water. The purified water is practical for drinking, food prep, cleaning the teeth, or any other use.

Beyond its ability to eliminate the contaminants, it also has the ability to retain the minerals already in the water that are useful for human consumption. The high production rates make it a useful choice for small or large homes, as well as industrial use.

For the property owner seeking an RO system that is proven and effective at removing microorganisms, contaminants, and dust from the water, the Hydro-Logic 31040 is a worthwhile choice.

Features You’ll Value

Easy to clean and service, the Hydro-Logic 31040 Reverse Osmosis Filter is packed with useful features to make it a reliable product for the home. Here are a few of its most capable features:

Automatic shut-off valve

The Hydro-Logic 31040 is built with an automatic shut-off valve which actives when the tank starts to reach its limit. This is a useful feature because it stops unnecessary water spillages in the home and removes any worry related to water damage in the area of the filter.

Mountable wall bracket

The RO system is designed with a useful metal bracket to make it really easy to attach the system to the preferred location. By mounting the system to the wall it is possible to save space in the kitchen, which is certain to be appreciated in the small kitchens.

Booster pump

For greater success in pumping the water, the Hydro-Logic 31040 filter system has a nice booster pump that ups the rate from a standard 40 Psi to the more efficient 60 Psi. This helps to produce a greater volume of water in the shortest timeframe.

Reliable membranes

The built-in membranes are there to remove the last traces of microorganisms that may be in the water. They ensure the water is 100% purified by the time it leaves the faucet. The membranes are high quality and deliver the consistent and reliable results. The efficiency of the membranes means it is possible to produce up to 200 gallons on a daily basis.

For the families that use a lot of water this system is certain to appeal and always has the water ready when the faucet is turned on.

Plus, this membrane is also there to help eliminate the bacteria and chlorine present in the water. Other containments removed include unnecessary minerals and metallic particles to leave water that is totally safe and pure to drink.

Pressure regulator

A pressure regulator helps to avoid issues with spillages. This issue is mostly noticed when the RO system has a high pressure rating. But with the pressure regulator in place this stops the potential overflow and makes sure the pressure is kept below 85 Psi. The Hydro-Logic 31040 has plenty of safety systems in place to minimize the risk of overflows once properly installed in the home.

UV sterilizer kit

The function of this kit is to guarantee the water is free of bacteria. The sterilizing kit is extremely effective at destroying microorganisms and bacteria that may persist in the water. Plus, it makes sure the water chemical formula isn’t changed. The UV technology is also practical at removing all trace of chlorine. Once the sterilizing process is complete, the water will be crisp and clean and safe for drinking or any other practical uses in the home.

What Consumers Say

When you really want to know what others have said about the Hydro-Logic 31040 Reverse Osmosis Filter, you may want to take a look at the following pros and cons sourced from real customer reviews:


  • Treated water is pure, crystal clean and tastes great
  • Useful wall bracket in metal for a secure hold
  • Built with shut-off technology
  • Automatic cartridge
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Great at lowering the PPM
  • Removes up to 98% of chlorine and contaminants
  • High volume water production; nearly 200 gallons per day
  • Energy efficient to use; 25% less electricity than most other RO systems
  • Inexpensive to run


  • It needs regular cleaning that takes a few hours to complete


An excellent reverse osmosis water purification system, the Hydro-Logic 31040 is a great little unit that is easily installed in the home to provide the clean and healthy drinking water. It is built to be durable and give high performance to provide a high volume of drinking water on a daily basis. While the Hydro-Logic system isn’t the cheapest in the market, it is definitely worth it.

It is perfect addition to the home for those with either the low-quality tap water in general or those that have issues with high concentrations of chlorine. The RO system is very easy to install and comes complete with detailed step-by-step instructions. Once the filter is activated the quality of the water flowing from the faucet will significantly increase with foul tastes and odors completely gone.

Overall, this is a very effective and very easy to set up RO system and the high production rate makes it a practical choice for family homes.

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