Need A Hard Water Shower Filter At Home?

hard water shower filter produces lovely clean hot water

Thinking Of Buying A Hard Water Shower Filter?

Buying a shower head filter is an affordable option that most people can relate to. Easier to install and a lot cheaper than a full system.
Hard water can be treated with a shower water softener. There are many variations in type. Most of which you will attach the device to the showerhead and it will filter the water before it hits the spout. They are in the main designed to aid in softening water but may filter it as well.
We suggest you look for one that can be placed over overhead, rainfall, handheld, and even combo shower heads for versatile home use. That is why we bought a great 15 stages shower filter with 2 spare cartridges, for one of our guest bathrooms.
Softer Water Or Softer Feel?
Some manufacturers claim they will provide the user with real soft water. Whereas it’s actually water that has a softer feel and appearance. When they’re attached, these units are able to soften only a certain amount of water at any one time.
This is because they work the same way as a whole house water softener and aren’t just a water filter for the shower. These Hard Water Shower units are quite large compared to typical shower water filters. Partly because they must contain the substance which replaces the minerals with sodium ions.
Yet, this is the only way to have genuine soft water in your shower without installing a whole house water softening system in your basement. They’re the perfect solution if you want to bathe in soft water but don’t need it for drinking, cooking and doing dishes.
For those looking to increase the softening effects, you can add extra filters. These will remove other chemicals and pollutants from the water. This includes chlorine, iron, lead, bacteria and parasites among others. Additionally, the pH of the water will become more balanced and easier on the skin.
Torti Lia 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C For Hard Water
15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C For Hard Water
These shower filters are often marketed separately and called Hard Water Shower softeners. This could be considered misleading because they only filter the water, giving it a softer feeling quality. but don’t actually remove the calcium and magnesium. The best solution is to use both and treat the water in a series of stages.
In the first stage, a chemical reaction replaces the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Happening as the water runs through a chamber filled with special plastic beads. It then filters into a copper and zinc mineral media which removes chlorine. This chamber will also balance out the pH levels of the water. Next, it flows through a typical activated carbon filter. This removes more synthetic chemicals and volatile organic compounds from the water.

Shower Water Softener Benefits

Considering what they can do, there is an understood health benefit to these units. Not only do they improve the water you put on your skin by increasing its quality. It’s reported they can help some skin conditions. For those who suffer from itchy and dry skin, there is a possibility that your water is contributing to this problem. A shower water softener can offer a positive solution.
Hair quality will also improve for the person using the softener. Hair will strengthen and your shine will increase without the need for lots of shampoo. Since the Hard Water Shower filtration process has removed the chemicals, the water is much easier on your hair.
People with allergies may find significant benefits as well. Hot water can help to reduce symptoms of allergies when they get extreme. When chemicals and pollutants are contaminating your water, this treatment won’t work as effectively. The softener pulls out enough chemicals and heavy metals to cleanse the body without irritating the immune system.
The manufacturer designs a shower water softener to come in direct contact with water so it should not corrode easily.  Plastic is the most common used material to make these units, which helps their longevity

Final Hard Water Shower Thoughts

When you are out browsing for Hard Water Shower filter options, keep an eye on their effectiveness and guarantee. Check out their output as well. If they have a quite low gallon output, you should consider looking at other brands. The average home improvement store will have several options available for you to compare. Check out buyers reviews. Certain models like the Culligan WSH-C125 have had thousands of happy buyers. We like this product, the WSH-C125 offers great value.
Brand names are normally a good idea to gravitate towards. More nationalized brands tend to put a higher quality in their product. Especially since they want their name to remain synonymous with high standards. A household brand will offer a good warranty and have solid trading background. AquaBliss, Torti Lia, Culligan and PureAction are all well known brands.

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