Drinking Water Vs Mineral Water In Bottles

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Environmental Concerns About Drinking Water Vs Mineral Water In Bottles

Did you know that by the year 2050 it’s thought that there will be a greater volume of plastic in the oceans than there will be fish?

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Does that thought not concern you? Think about how many millions of people still buy water in plastic bottles. Even spending just a buck a day on water, soon adds up though. The water bottle companies sell convenience, they sell water and that’s as far as they go. Let’s look here at a hypothetical person, who spends a buck a day on buying bottled water.

One Dollar a Day on Bottled Water Is a $365-Cash Wasted per Year?

Your one dollar a day on bottled water is a $365-cash going to waste every year. If bottled water is the primary source of drinking water in your home, have you thought how much cash you’re losing? This lost money could have been saved for more important things in your life. If you are buying bottled water every day because you don’t trust your tap water, think again on how much you can save switching to filtered water.  When your tap water tastes nasty or smells bad it is natural to go for the bottled water option.


Wake Up Early

Your 3:00 a.m. wakeup call could come when you suddenly run out bottled water in the middle of the night; you may dread that calamity if you drink from your tap water and quickly make a trip to the grocery store. Just like bottled water itself is a waste of money, every trip to the store for pack of bottled water is cash wasted on gas.

You could save the money spent on bottled water by switching to your own filtered water. As long as you replace the filter cartridge as often as recommended by the manufacturer, you will enjoy unlimited healthy filtered water. However, you will get the most benefit when you invest in a very good water filtration brand. For instance, a reputable brand will need to filter change just once a year.


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Water filter benefits . . .?

  1. Save over $365 per year when you switch to filtering your own.
  2. Change filter cartridge once a year at a cost significantly less than the annual cost of bottled water
  3. Consistently enjoy unlimited filtered water with equal or better quality than most tap water
  4. Save on gas, avoid the 3:00 a.m. wakeup call and a trip to grocery stores
  5. No empty plastic bottles to deal with. Help the environment!

Don’t let the initial cost of a good filter system like the Multipure brand intimidate you. Quality and reliability should be your top reasons to buy a home water treatment. You will break even in a very short time and you will then begin to put more money in your pocket. Say bye-bye to the one dollar a day on bottled water.

Comparing Filter Brands

Don’t switch from buying bottled water to an ineffective water filter system. Take time to read reviews for different water filter brands and models.

We’re aware of the different types of products, from built in RO filters mounted under your sink. There are countertop machines or whole house filters situated in the basement. Filter pitches are popular, as they are able to be used easily.

So, stop spending one dollar a day on bottled water; quit from sending $365 cash to waste every year and switch to filtering your own water. All you need to do is decide which brand of filter you want. Then choose the type. Pitcher, undersink or a counter top model. Finally, look at the warranty offered, the filter life but more important contaminants removed. Aim for 99% or higher, for that extra reassurance.