Why You Need A Water Pressure Booster Pump

Water Pressure Shower

What is a Water Pressure Booster Pump and How Does It Work


Would you like to take a Power Shower?

How would you like to wash the soap right out of your hair? Experience the wonderful difference great water pressure makes.

In your shower – washing the soap right out of your hair, the way the washing machine and dishwasher fill and rinse – the way toilets flush. Pressure also improves the lawn irrigation system and eliminates fluctuation related to low water pressure problems Low Water Pressure Solutions. If You Are Having A Problem With Low Water Pressure, A booster pump increases low water pressure and flow to provide the solution. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a shower with low water pressure.
The trickle of water just about dampening your hair and body. This is especially true when another member of the family flushes a toilet, turns on a faucet or washing machine. The water pressure even drops lower. How many times have you heard complaints from others about the inability to get the soap out of hair when showering with low pressure.

Why You Need A Water Pressure Booster Pump For The Garden

What causes low water pressure?


If you’re building is high above the water source, then it’s natural that the water won’t flow with much power. Even being on the same level as the water supply, the floor you’re on will also contribute to problems with the pressure. Keep in mind that one gallon of water weighs on average just over 8 pounds, so gravity alone will prevent this from moving upwards on its own.


Distance from the water source or Low city water pressure

Can’t get reasonable water pressure from your city water supply or you have low well water pressure? These are often factors causing the pressure to be too low. Is your home or business at the end of the street, the end of the supply line? Are your pipes too small and the flow not powerful enough from the get go?

Improperly sized Booster Pump

Don’t be surprised to learn how the improperly sized Booster Pump can cost you more than the right Booster Pump in the long run.  A typical problem is an owner of a new home installed a 36 GPM for multi-head body shower. Home on well water. Problem? Demand greater than supply. Well water system can not produce the volume. – Well produces 5-6 GPM. The storage tank is 20 gallon and would not supply the shower, not even one full minute. A twenty gallon capacity tank at 30 – 50 provides about 6 gallons of water storage use next of the capacity is air charge. Additional storage is the only solution!

How the system works! The well pump continues to supply (primary water system). Two storage tanks are added to store 700 gallons of drinking water. A 3 Hp variable speed booster is mounted to the right of the new tanks. Secondary or booster system is needed to pressurize the home water system. This system requires space for the tanks, but the pressure booster is compact, quiet, and powerful. Pump controller mounted on the wall above the pump. Variable speed uses approximately 70% less electricity over other type pumps. The shower works wonderfully, and so does the entire plumbing system. It is rare when the storage is required, but no reason to live with low water pressure!

It provides the extra boost needed to bring your water pressure to the desired level. So your family can shower, while the washing machine is running and the garden is being watered. All the while you’re able to enjoy constant water pressure while you’re showering.


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