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TDS In Water – Should You Be Concerned?

TDS In Water What Levels Are Acceptable?   It’s important to know exactly what quality of water you are digesting. A good quality TDS Meter can cost under $20 and be a life saver. We recently tested several of these to see how they compared. What we feel though is, for the low price of the product and the massive advantages these give. You should have a TDS Meter in your house, to check your water. Total dissolved solids (TDS)...
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How Effective Are TDS Meters in Everyday Life?

What is a TDS METER? A healthy life begins with drinking quality water that is free from contaminants. We often drink water without knowing the percentage of dissolved solids present in it. However, we can measure it with a help of a device. TDS is the abbreviated form of Total dissolved solids. TDS Meter, a handheld device primarily represents the different contents that exist in liquids especially water. Therefore, we can say, these meters are used to measure the amount...
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