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Nausea After Drinking Water? Possible Reasons.

What Causes Nausea After Drinking Water and How Can It Be Prevented? To the naked eye, the water you are about to drink may look clean. But what is actually in the water? Do you know about nitrates or levels of TDS or even toxins in there? We did an awesome article hamster filmy on Just how safe is your drinking water, where we looked at all the possible different contaminants that may be found in water. You can read...
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Just how safe is your drinking water

What are the most common Water Contaminants found in our water supplies?   A few years back we were sat talking about water, how clean it was or actually wasn’t. We know when water is brackish that alone would put people off wanting to wash in it or drink it, unless it as a last resort during a desert or jungle survival situation. It’s often asked Just how safe is your drinking water? There are various resources, but you can...
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